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Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Autres Noms: Agios Bikentios kai Grenadines,Colony of Saint Vincent,S:t Vincent och Grenadinerna,Saint Vincent,Saint Vincent Colony,Saint Vincent a'r Grenadines,Saint Vincent agus na Grenadines,Saint Vincent and the Grenadines,Saint Vincent at Grenadines,Saint Vincent a’r Grenadines,Saint Vincent dan Grenadines,Saint Vincent dan the Grenadines,Saint Vincent e Grenadine,Saint Vincent e Grenadinet,Saint Vincent en de Grenadines,Saint Vincent en die Grenadine,Saint Vincent es Grenadines,Saint Vincent eta Grenadinak,Saint Vincent i Grenadyny,Saint Vincent i les Grenadines,Saint Vincent in Grenadine,Saint Vincent ja Grenadiinid,Saint Vincent ja Grenadiinit,Saint Vincent ja Grenadine,Saint Vincent ja Grenadines,Saint Vincent na Grenadines,Saint Vincent na Grenadini,Saint Vincent och Grenadinerna,Saint Vincent og Grenadinane,Saint Vincent og Grenadinene,Saint Vincent og Grenadinerne,Saint Vincent si Grenadines,Saint Vincent ve Grenadines,Saint Vincent ve Grenadinler,Saint Vincent és Grenadines,Saint Vincent şi Grenadines,Saint Vincent, Grenadines,Saint Vinsent og Grenadineyjar,Saint Vinsent og Grenadinoyggjar,Saint Vinsent og Grenadíneyjar,Saint-Vincent et les Grenadines,Saluda-Vinsenteaen e Grenadineaens,Saluda-Vinsenteän e Grenadineäns,San Bizen y as Granadinas,San Bizén y as Granadinas,San Vicente e Granadinas,San Vicente e Granadinas - Saint Vincent and the Grenadines,San Vicente y las Granadinas,San Vinsent e Grenadin-e,Sancte Vincente e le Grenadinas,Sankta Vincento kaj Grenadinoj,Sankti Vinsent og Grenadineyjar,Sankti Vinsent og Grenadíneyjar,Sant Vincenc e las Grenadinas,Sant Vincenç e las Grenadinas,Sant-Vincent-et-les Grenadenes,Santa Vincent dan Grenadin,Sao Vicente e Granadinas,Sao Vincente e Granadinas,Sejnt Vinsent i Grenadini,Sejnt Vinsunt i Grenadini,Sen Vinsent ha'n Ynysow Grenadinek,Sent Vincent i Grenadinite,Sent Vinsent i Grenadini,Sent Vinsentas ir Grenadinai,Sent Vinsunt i Grenadini,Sent Visent-Grenadinner,Sent-Vincento kaj la Grenadinoj,Sent-Vinsent i Grenadini,S, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Point Bay

Autres Noms: Point Bay

Milikin Bay

Autres Noms: Milikin Bay

Cable Hut Bay

Autres Noms: Cable Hut Bay

Sharp's Point

Autres Noms: Sharp’s Point

Sharp's Bay

Autres Noms: Sharp’s Bay


Autres Noms: Lagoon

Johnson Point

Autres Noms: Johnson Point

Rookes Point

Autres Noms: Rookes Point


Autres Noms: Carenage,Young Island Cut, Carenage

Dove Island

Autres Noms: Dove Island

Indian Bay

Autres Noms: Indian Bay

Sion Hill Bay

Autres Noms: Sion Hill Bay

Deep Water Wharf

Autres Noms: Deep Water Wharf

Lowmans Bay

Autres Noms: Lowmans Bay

Cane Wood River

Autres Noms: Cane Wood River

Questelles Point

Autres Noms: Questelles Point

Questelles Bay

Autres Noms: Questelles Bay

Villa Point

Autres Noms: Villa Point

Ocar Point

Autres Noms: Ocar Point

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